4 Week New Member Trial


"Gold Membership" Includes: Gym, Cardio, Fitness Classes, Yoga, Locker Rooms, Steam Room and Sauna as well as use of the Kids Room. All for just $69. 


1 FREE Personal Training Session with one of our trainers.

$100 off the purchase of a personal training 10 or 20 pack should you choose to use a trainer.

1 FREE Group Nutrition Class (if you're not able to attend this class it will be on video and posted for you to watch)

Lots of AWESOME Like-Minded people that want to see you succeed.

Why The Solebury Club?

  • At The Solebury Club you will feel a strong sense of community and camaraderie.
  • You will be catered to and encouraged in your health and wellness endeavors.
  • We will support you in achieving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle with freshly prepared foods in our Café, Nutritionist, Personal Trainers and Massage Services.
  • You will be pampered in our exceptionally clean club with a spa-like atmosphere, while maintaining a very friendly and comfortable setting.
  • You do not have to worry about over-crowding.
  • To maintain a high level of quality our membership is limited.
  • Our goal is to be part of, the best part of your day!

Here is what some of our members have said about The Solebury Club:

"After 3 months I am enjoying the club. I am glad I made the move from Highpoint. I find all of the employees pleasant and accommodating, the facilities are great, and even ownership seems to enjoy their work!"

"I have been a member since 2007. From day one, I was greeted by my first name. The staff at The Solebury Club makes the extra effort to know their members and meet their needs."

"I have made so many wonderful friendships here at The Solebury Club. I love the convenience of working out while my children are active in an amazing Karate program."

"As a new member to The Solebury Club at the age of 53, I have never felt intimidated trying a new class. The instructors are very helpful and I can tell they really care about my success."

"Thanks for your kindness and generosity.  And for managing to have the BEST fitness facility in the area!

Contact Rob DeAngelis for more information:

Our Memberships are tailored to meet your needs and interest.

Platinum Membership: The Cardio/Weight Room, Spinning Classes, Group Fitness Classes, The Yoga Program, The Karate Program and The Kids Room.

Gold Membership: The Cardio/Weight Room, Spinning Classes, Group Fitness Classes, The Yoga Program, and the Kids Room.

Bronze Membership: The Cardio/Weight Room.

We also offer Discounted Memberships for students as well as seniors.

*All Memberships include access to private showers, saunas, and steam rooms in our Spa-like locker rooms.