Be Well with Hot Yoga

In keeping with our theme of National Yoga Month for September, let's look at hot yoga, one of the most popular styles in the US right now. Originally brought to this country by Bikram Choudry, hot yoga is an intense workout. The one comment most people new to it say is that they found muscles they didn't know they had!

Most hot yoga is done in a room holding temperatures from 90 to 120 degrees. The heat allows deep muscle, tendon and ligament tissues, which can be quite 'frozen' from overuse and stress, to begin to soften. This then facilitates the flexibility and toning and strength that hot yoga provides, without straining or forcing..

In addition, hot yoga is great for cleansing, for sweating toxins out. Many people do hot yoga 2 or 3 times a week as a weight loss and detox workout simultaneously.

Here at The Solebury Club we offer 2 types of hot yoga classes. First there is the classic style, which is 26 poses, each done twice in a class. The same series is done each week to allow you to go deeper and deeper into the poses. The poses are static, meaning there is a break in between each one, they do not flow one into the next.

The other style of hot yoga we offer is Hot Flow, in which the poses are done as a vinyasa, meaning they flow one into the next. Each Hot Flow session is 8 weeks long, with a series of poses that changes each session, to support you in mastering the poses and in being able to track your progress.

In either type of hot yoga, you can just show up for your first class and our teachers will provide you with the instruction and support you need. Be sure to bring a towel and water.

Do more yoga.

Namaste, Maureen

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