Blog: 3 Tips to Let Go by Maureen Shortt

3 tips to let go of the weight gain and toxicity build up of the holidays:

Overeating is the main cause of weight gain over the holidays. In Ayurvedic natural health weight gain is also considered toxicity. These tips will help you to stop that holiday overeating and to digest and burn all your food for a wonderful stress-handling energy, so needed at this time of year. It will also keep your immunity strong, to help avoid the colds and flus that start now through the rest of the winter.

1. Eat your main meal at lunchtime, between noon and 2pm. We talk about 'burning' calories. Digestion and metabolism are in fact a fire, and that fire is strongest mid-day. Take advantage of that strong fire and you will avoid the weight gain that comes from eating a big dinner. Make dinner smaller and eat it at least 3 hours before bedtime.

2. Keep your blood sugar balanced. Instead of meals and snacks, make it all 'feedings'. As soon as your mind hears 'snacks' it thinks of sweets and fats and salty foods. Then you end up eating just salty, sweet and/or fatty carbs, and your blood sugar spikes and crashes, leaving you craving more. If you eat feedings of carbs and proteins and small amounts of fats, you will be more satisfied and you won't need to overeat, and your cravings will diminish. Think cheese and crackers, half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, apples and humus.

Another way of thinking about it is to have a protein and carb every time you eat. Having coffee? Make it a latte and get the protein from the milk. Having an alcohol beverage? Add a protein appetizer like shrimp, and slow down the blood sugar release and crash. Can't pass up that candy at the office? Keep a baggie of nuts with you and add them to the candy and you won't need to keep going back for more.

3. Don't skip meals. You may be going out for dinner but don't skip lunch beforehand. If you do, you will be so hungry by the time you go out that you are pretty much guaranteed not only to overeat but to eat foods you would not normally choose like big desserts. It can feel like they don't make enough food. But if you come to a meal having eaten your regular protein and carb meals, you can stay in control of your choices.

If you eat this way all year it won't feel like you've been deprived and you can eat moderately and get great satisfaction from your food and family and friends, while burning off fat weight and building immunity.


Maureen Shortt, Club Nutritionist

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