Do Yoga Be Well by Maureen Shortt

September is National Yoga Month, designated by the Department of Health and Human Services, to educate about the benefits of yoga, and to inspire more than the current 20 million Americans to do it.

It is well known today that it is possible to stop and even reverse many common health conditions through lifestyle changes of nutrition, stress management, exercise, and emotional support. There are many studies showing how yoga, as part of these lifestyle practices, has positive effects on health and wellness. National Yoga Month celebrates the part that yoga can play in creating and sustaining wellness. Around the world there are classes, concerts and special events through September. Here at The Solebury Club, we are celebrating by making our more than 20 yoga classes a week more accessible and more affordable for the month. See our specials at the bottom.

Do you know the number one misconception about yoga? It is that you have to already be flexible to do yoga!  It's ironic because yoga is for the purpose of developing not just flexibility but also strength, cardiovascular health, bone density, strong joints, and so much more.

What REALLY stops people from doing yoga is that they see pictures and videos of people doing extreme or advanced yoga poses and they think they not only can't do it now, but never would be able to.

Our yoga classes are not based in this exaggerated image of yoga. They are based in meeting your body and its capabilities WHERE YOU ARE NOW. They are not based in setting a goal or standard that you must at some point be able to put your feet behind your head. They are based in a science of slowly and methodically UNRAVELING YOUR DEEPEST TENSIONS-physically and mentally and emotionally- to enable you to move with more ease, be strong without being tight, and find your inner peace.

Below is a list of the top 10 reasons to do yoga, as well as the amazing yoga specials we have going on for the month of September.  Next week will begin to explain our different styles of yoga and their respective and comparative benefits. So- no reason not to do yoga!

TOP 10 REASONS TO DO YOGA: (and, by the way, each of these has been scientifically proven)

1. Yoga reduces the physical and mental effects of stress.
2. Yoga can help to relieve pain.
3. Yoga teaches better breathing which can activate your relaxation response.
4. Yoga improves not only flexibility but also mobility.
5. Yoga increases strength while simultaneously releasing muscular tension.
6. Yoga helps weight loss by reducing your cortisol, a stress hormone that makes you hold weight.
7. Yoga improves circulation.
8. Yoga improves cardiovascular health by lowering your resting heart rate.
9. Yoga improves concentration, focus and memory.
10.Yoga helps you reach an inner state of peace.

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For the month of September we will be running some great yoga specials!  Details coming soon...

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