Healthy Perspective by Colin Kirts

How do you do?

Has it seemed as if there is a lot to do, recently?  Perhaps, even, always?  It has certainly seemed this way to me, at least for the past few weeks.  Doing, I've accepted, is inevitable.  Doing well, however, based upon whatever standards fit, seems to require a bit of effort.  What I've had to remind myself, time and time again, remembering and then forgetting, is the one unavoidable rule about how to do well. To perform a task in the most fulfilling of ways, one must first......STOP! ...Or, at the very least, slow down.

Have you ever found this to be true?

It isn't actually a very profound guideline, nor is it, I believe, foreign to many of us at The Solebury Club. Is it not true, for example, that every time you enter the dojo, after completing the already engaging task of putting on your gi, you stand still and bow? In the yoga studio, do you not often start a class by playing dead?

Both of these simple steps—of which there are many more with equal relevance—serve, in part, the purpose of helping you focus. On the gym floor, there are undoubtedly similar and necessary rituals many of us cherish.  If you've ever witnessed a training session with me—or if you've seen me preparing to do a lift on my own—the experience almost always begins on the floor. We literally get off our feet and onto the ground.  Eventually, our minds catch up, ready to be as involved in the process as are our muscles and bones. The mission is clear, in effect, and the experience is all the more enriching.

Doing, so as to not be misunderstood, is quite welcome, and, again, seemingly unavoidable.  In preparation for 2015, I've already created something akin to a to-do list. There is, it would seem a lot to do. Whatever the item on the list, though, whether related to my time at the health club or not, I know I shall always need to pause and collect myself. If I don't, history has shown, I'll miss something. I'll need to do it again. Haste makes waste, I've realized, and in order to avoid mistakes, in whatever way suits the moment, we must slow down.

As I prepare to go to my final Christmas gathering, I realize it is quite appropriate to be reflecting upon the need to pause. However you celebrate, however you honor this time of the year, this season of giving, I encourage you to create an opportunity to slow the pace. You may find yourself ready for 2015 in a new way.  At the very least, you'll be giving both to yourself and of yourself in ways that cannot compare.  After all, simply being with each other is truly the best gift, is it not?  Your presence is what people truly want.  You, as you, are the gift.

Recognizing this may, in fact, be a most helpful form of ending the year...before we do it all again!

See you in 2015!

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