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Take a risk (a shameless plug for The Warrior WOD on May 9th)

Last time I wrote to you, we were in the thick of winter, having just begun the New Year. As is often the case by mid-March, presents and champagne become a distant memory. Time slows, it seems, the moment thickening with each snowstorm. Cold months compel us to go inward, to slow down.

Spring is near, though, as we can all sense. We still have a few (when is the last time it snowed in April?) cold days to enjoy, but with the spring equinox we know change is upon us. It is time to see new growth. It is time to witness a break through.

As you shift gears for the spring, perhaps it is worth asking ourselves, are we ready to grow? Is this, for you as well, a time to experience a break through? There are many ways to do so, of course, and however you feel inspired, excellent. If you are not, by chance, consciously taking part in your own growth, are you ready to start?

Regardless of your relationship with this season, I'm compelled to make a suggestion: take a risk! Are you afraid to do something? Perhaps it is time to gracefully say "YES" to it.

Doing something that scares us is an almost guaranteed way to grow. Whether on a spiritual, emotional, mental, physical or social level, our fears essentially represent opportunities for break through. Are you nervous about a meditation class? Show up tomorrow and sit down. Do you recognize ways in which you could be more authentic, perhaps even vulnerable? Feeling guarded around someone? Is there a conflict you are avoiding? Take a deep breath, reach out to that person, and create a new opportunity for connection.

Perhaps yours is something simple. Enjoy—ha—a day without your phone. Without reading your email. WITH, somehow, just yourself....Maybe, on a deeper level, it's time to forgive. Maybe you are ready to be kind, where it's most difficult...Who knows, though, perhaps, if we get one last snow covering, you are the crazy one who needs to go run around in

Growth, breaking through, transforming, is rarely, you know, for the faint of heart. You have the force of nature on your side now, though. It's safe to go with the flow around you..    .

With regard to what is obviously around you, I want to especially invite you all to one particular risk opportunity. SIGN UP FOR THE WARRIOR WOD. If you are at all considering taking part in this extraordinary opportunity—not to mention, fundraiser—please sign up. Even if you do not know who will be on your team, please sign up. We'll help you create a team. We'll help you determine whether to compete or just have fun. We'll help you, at the very least, to some extent, grow.

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