Healthy Perspective by Ed Rumick

Why do we play the game?

With the recent playing of the Super Bowl and with The Solebury Club hosting our Karate Tournament this weekend, competition has been on the minds of many individuals.  Have you stopped and said to yourself:   "What is the value of competition?" or "Why do we play the game?"

With the internet and all the technologies that go with it, can't we just watch a video, see who's best and know who should win?  Yes and no.  Sure, we can see who's more skilled or faster or stronger, who SHOULD win, but when we play the game or compete it doesn't always turn out that way.  Why?  When we play the game or compete against other people:  WE HAVE TO BE AT OUR VERY BEST, PRECISELY WHEN OUR OPPONENT IS TRYING TO BE THEIR VERY BEST.  Not everyone can do this.  Some people rise to the occasion and are better than you ever thought they could be, while others crumble under the pressure and perform below what was expected of them.

Now that we know why we play the game, we can say to ourselves:  "What is the value of competition?  What does it teach me?  What does it teach my children?"  We along with our children train and compete in a variety of sports.  What are we learning (besides skills specific to that activity) or is it just exercise?  Playing the game and competing teaches us and our children to reach inside ourselves and put forth our very best effort precisely when we have to.  Not just when we feel like it, not just when we are having a good day, but when we need to.  This is one of the most important life skills you could ever give to yourself or your children.  This ability breeds successful people and leaders in all aspects of life:  school, social and professional.

Next time you or your children are in a competition, think about this short article, reach inside be your best and help your children be their best.  – Ed Rumick

About the Author: Ed Rumick is the Karate Program Director at The Solebury Club. He is a licensed Instructor and Examiner with the AJKA-I an international karate organization. He currently holds the rank of Yon Dan (4th degree black belt) and has more than 20 years experience teaching karate.

The Solebury Club serves: Doylestown, PA, Buckingham, PA, New Hope, PA, Furlong, PA, Jamison, PA and the surrounding areas.

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