Healthy Perspective by Jen Pavlica

Training Tips for Running a Race

Thinking about running a race?  If you are new to running, start with low mileage and gradually increase your distance and speed.

Add sprint training to condition your body.

Perform intervals by changing your distance and speed, instead of just running the same distance and/or speed.

Do not run too often.  Your body needs time to recover in order to get stronger, otherwise you run the risk of over training which can lead injuries.

Give yourself a month to train for shorter races such as a 5K or a few months for longer races.

Stay hydrated, it greatly affects your performance.

Keep your body fueled.  Eat healthy protein and carbs, especially during the week of the race.

Dress in comfortable, breathable clothing and do not wear brand new sneakers on race day.

Running requires as much mental effort as it does physical effort, so prepare your mind as well as your body.  Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Running is one of the most enjoyable activities and it's even better when you are training for a race.  So get out there, enjoy the fresh air and start training for your next race!

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