Healthy Perspective by Maureen Shortt

Ayurveda, the ancient science of health and wellbeing and longevity, recognizes the different energies from one season to the next, not only in nature but in our bodies and minds as well.

Winter had energies of being cold, light and dry, and you may have felt that way in your body with chills, dry skin and being mentally somewhat 'spacey,' Now in the spring the energy has shifted as the snow melted and the ground and plants fill with moisture, and the air is still cool, and there is a heaviness-a plumpness- to the buds.

In spring nature sheds the insulation she accumulated over the winter. It was necessary for warmth then, but not now, as warmth increases outside. Yet you may find yourself still holding that winter weight, still feeling sluggish, still eating heavy foods, having allergies, feeling depressed.

Here are some lifestyle tips to get that sluggish physical, mental and emotional energy flowing.

Get moving! Begin to clear out the sluggishness of winter by walking, running, biking or hiking outside. Move every day to keep your metabolism stoked as well as to keep your digestive fire running hot.

Get to bed early! Being asleep by 10 pm supports your body in doing its detoxification overnight, which is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and feel lighter. Conversely, staying up past 10 you "get your second wind" which seems great but you will find you get hungry again and eating late is one of the easiest ways to put on weight and to feel toxic upon waking.

Get up early! If you wake up early during the week but sleep in on the weekends, do you wake up groggy and unfocused? Being up by or around 6 am you can catch the wave of the lighter more active energy prevalent then, which enhances digestion and metabolism.

Get 3 meals a day in! It is a myth that to lose weight you should not eat. In fact, it takes food to stoke metabolism, to get into your bodyfat and burn it for energy. When you don't eat your body gets stressed and will burn your MUSCLE for energy and spare your bodyfat, the last type of energy you want to be producing.

Get spicy! Try adding ginger, cumin, black pepper, fennel to your dishes. They all support your system in fully digesting your food and making it available to your cells for a consistent, stress handling, fat burning energy.

These simple lifestyle tips can help you transition into spring and then summer with digestion, metabolism, detoxification and immunity running strong.

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