Healthy Perspective by Todd Jones

When You Can't Think of Anything, Just do Something!

With the amount of info there is today in regards to working out, it is very easy to get confused about what you should or shouldn't be doing. Have you ever been so confused about what workout you should do to work towards a specific fitness goal that you end up not doing anything at all? I know I have, and that is a MAJOR mistake. The fact is, ANYTHING you do for a workout will keep you closer to whatever fitness goal you might have than not doing anything at all. For example, recently I've been focusing specifically on the aesthetic appearance of my body, and I've been doing a fully body workout with high rep exercises for each of the major muscle groups. Now I don't know about you, but sometimes I don't have time to do the EXACT workout that I may want to do. Or I might be a bit tired, or sick, and my energy levels might be a bit off. Or maybe, I am just bored and flat out don't feel like doing the same routine that I've been doing. Instead of thinking "Well, I can't/don't feel like doing that particular exercise, so I'm just not doing anything", don't you think it would be more beneficial to, say, crack off some pushups, or burpees, go for a run, or whatever? Of course it would. ANYTHING you do will translate to better fitness levels, which of course will keep you closer to whatever specific fitness goal you may have. Even a power lifter who is trying to increase his max strength on his squats will stay closer to his goals by jumping rope for a day than if he just didn't do anything. Get the idea? When you can't or don't want to do ANYTHING, just do SOMETHING!

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