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Hello Friends,

Here is yet another variation of the good old pushup. This one is often used as a progression exercise for working towards  a one handed pushup, which is an incredible upper body strength builder. Of course, any "progression" exercise can be used as a stand alone exercise, and this one is no exception. It is called the Archer Pushup because it is done with one arm bent and one arm extended out to the side, much like an archer pulling a bow.

1) Assume a standard pushup position, but with one arm extended straight out to the side.

2) Brace yourself from head to toe, grit your teeth, and start doing pushups! Ok you don't really have to grit your teeth. You will notice that the extended arm only helps a little bit, and you are basically doing a modified one arm pushup.

3) Once you have done the desired amount of reps, switch arms and repeat!

Of course, the farther away from your body your extended hand is, the harder it will be, and vice versa. A challenging and fun variation of this exercise is to do them on a TRX or gymnastic rings, both of which you can do at the Club.

Give it a shot!

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