Nancy's Healthy Recipe of the Month

The other night, I picked my daughter up from work at 7:45, I had just finished up my work at 7 and we were headed home for dinner. "How about Fish Tacos?" I asked. I had some cod in the freezer. She replied that we have frozen taquitos at home (she bought for herself). I nixed that idea and when we got home I prepared the fresh fish tacos in about as much time as it would have taken to heat the taquitos. She couldn't believe how fast we made the meal - which was a great lesson for a teenager to learn. Since my Facebook Live cooking segments are on hold for the summer - while I coordinate a new effort with our new Solebury Club chef and cafe owner - I thought I would share my recipe:

Cod pieces
avocado, sliced
diced tomato
cheese (optional)
lettuce, chopped up
diced bell pepper
olive oil and butter (optional)

1. Put a little olive oil or olive oil and butter in a saute pan and heat to medium. Butter will bubble.
2. Add fish to pan and sprinkle with seasoning - I used a cajun redfish seasoning. Remove pan from heat when pieces are cooked through.
3. Warm tortillas in oven while dicing vegetables and chopping lettuce.
4. When tortillas are warm and fish is cooked through, assemble tacos.

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