New Fall Schedule!

We've got a GREAT fall schedule starting September 2nd!!
Try a new class like Back to Basics, Kids Yoga or Kids Agility.  On Mondays start your day with Colin's class, Back to Basics at 8:30am or end your day with Spinning at 6:00pm.  On Wednesdays, we re-organized class times so you can take 2-classes back-to-back if you wish.  You can take TRX at 8:30am then Spin at 9:30am, or TRX at 8:30am and Kickbox at 9:30am.  On Saturdays, get an early start by Spinning at 8:30am followed by Kickbox at 9:30am or start with Back to Basics at 8:30am.  We have something to offer you every day of the week!

Please check our September schedule that begins on September 2nd  for all of our classes!

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