New Pilates Mat Class - Thursday at 8:30am

This class will focus on the classical Pilates Mat exercises of legendary physical trainer Joseph Pilates. It will also include a body of work known as "Before the Hundreds and Beyond" created by Mr Pilates' student and Master Teacher Kathy Grant who sadly past away in 2010 after teaching Pilates for over 50 years. Her contribution to the Pilates method is well respected, brilliant, healing and will enhance your life and Pilates experience.

This class will strengthen the deep muscles of your abdomen, hips, and spine while increasing range of motion.  We will also focus on breath, alignment, balance, posture, spatial awareness, and tensegrity, (a way in which to organize oneself and understand the forces at play).

This class will be taught to the level of the group, using words, imagery and touch, creating a vocabulary, and a playground for everyone to feel successful, not only in the classroom but in all the things you do.

I look forward to working with you on Thursdays at 8:30am! ~ Sheryl Sussman

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