Nutrition: New Season - New You!

One way to stick to healthy eating during the holiday season - or any time of year - is to bring your own food to restaurants and parties. I know that sounds like a drag. But remember this - you are there to socialize with friends and family. The bonus of bringing your own food is that all the people you are eating with will suddenly take your intentions to eat healthy very seriously.

One of my clients recently complained to me that whenever she went to her best friend's house for dinner she made food that she was trying to avoid eating.This same client had a tendency to "cheat" all of the time - even though these cheat foods cause her joint pain and stomach upset. So, of course her friend didn't take her needs seriously - she didn't take them seriously herself.

If you are eating out, you might want to call ahead to a restaurant to make sure they will allow outside food for health reasons. You would also have the option to ask them to prepare something to your specifications. Another restaurant trick is to bring your own nuts and seeds to top a plain salad or even plain protein powder to mix into soup.

In addition to eating clean, and gaining respect for your desire to do so, bringing your own food may inspire the others you are with to eat healthier, too!

Sending you wishes for a happy ... and healthy 2018.

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Wishing you and yours a holiday and new year filled with love and peace,

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