The Biggest Winner

Thank you to Sports Authority for sponsoring The Biggest Winners in the mile race!  Congratulations to JP for winning the first challenge and to all the contestants on their achievement.

Here is what some of our past participants have said about The Biggest Winner Program:

"Even more important than my changing shape has been the change in my thinking.  The Biggest Winner is more than a three month program; it is the first step in a life-long pursuit of wellness." – Nancy V.

"I was really happy with all of the support and guidance I received as a participant of the Biggest Winner program. The trainers are outstanding and pushed me when I needed it. The results proved it! Beyond the weight loss benefit, I also gained the knowledge and confidence needed to continue on my own." – Jennifer

"The Biggest Winner events were designed for fun with collaborative team spirit and competitiveness. Seeing other members wearing their team t-shirts provided a continuous reminder to stay engaged in the program.  I was committed with my workout regimen and food diary and as a result I lost weight as well as increased my strength and flexibility." – JP

"I have been so inspired by this program and proud of my achievements.  Now I want to do it again with my family." – Linda B. 

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