We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Carlos Rojas and the red team coach Jim Graves, for placing first in The Biggest Winner Challenge.  Carlos came into the final weigh in with some remarkable results.  Carlos lost a total of 11.5 inches and 11.3 % of his body weight.  Carlos also made some noteworthy achievements in his personal fitness goals including running a 7:14 mile in one of the challenges and improving his consecutive push-up score from 28 to 42.  Over the course of the last couple years Carlos has lost 75 pounds and during this challenge he lost an additional 21 pounds!  Carlos won a $500 Gift Certificate to The Solebury Club for his achievements as the Biggest Winner!  Well Done Carlos, your determination and hard work is an inspiration to us all.

Jennifer Ross was a very close contender for the Biggest Winner title.  Jennifer Ross came into this challenge as a new member to The Solebury Club with no previous experience in the health club arena.  Jennifer started off the 3 month challenge with the attitude that she was going to get as much out of this program as possible.  Jennifer created a solid workout regimen for herself, which included two weekly training sessions with her trainer Jen Pavlica and routinely participating in four fitness classes per week.  Jennifer also took advantage of meeting with Nutritionist, Maureen Shortt to get on track with a healthy balanced diet.  Jennifer shed 5.5 inches and lost 8.7% of her body weight.  Jennifer earned a $100 Solebury Club gift card for achieving over 8% weight loss.  Way to go Jennifer!

Congratulations to all the contestants who worked very hard to make significant gains in their physical fitness and their overall well-being.

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