What motivates us?

We all have great intentions when it comes to setting new goals for ourselves, so what stops us from achieving our greatest potential?  Many times we fall short of reaching our desired outcome simply because we do not fully recognizing what motivates us.

We recently learned about The Reiss Motivation Profile and we wanted to share this information with all of our members to provide you with an extra tool to help you reach your goals.  After evaluating this program we found that the information gathered can be helpful to achieve the right mindset needed to be successful in any new endeavor.   Athletes, as well as goal oriented individuals have had great success by connecting their mind and body to improve their "mental game".

The Reiss Motivation Profile is a needs assessment that describes 16 fundamental tendencies influencing our decision-making and behavior that we all share.  Unlike other assessments of normal personality, like the Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Motivation Map, or Strength Finder, the Reiss Motivation Profile is more than a theory supported by after-the-fact evidence.  The 16 categories that the RMP describes are based on 20 years of data gathered from more than 80,000 people in dozens of countries that has been subjected to rigorous scientific analysis.

How can a personality assessment help me reach my goals?  One of your greatest assets in the challenge of lifestyle change is to understand what motivates your decision making and how that understanding can lead to not just simple change, but  sustainable transformation.  The Reiss Motivation Profile provides insight into the different tendencies that influence your choices and provides a roadmap for redirecting those choices.  The RMP can show you how much value you place on things like eating, physical exercise, competition, or status, and how the relationship among those values influence the choices and behaviors that impact your course in life.  One of the first steps toward changing behavior is to understand why you do what you do and making a different choice.

Upon completion of the online Reiss Motivational Assessment we are offering a discounted group consultation to review your assessment and get a better understanding of your results with psychologist, Michael J. Formica. The cost for the online assessment is $45 and group consultations are available for $10 each.  For more information click here

Michael J. Formica is a psychologist and wellness consultant who has helped hundreds of individuals explore their optimal potential with his unique brand of psychology-based coaching. Michael blends traditional Eastern and Western psychology with motivation science to support you in overcoming limiting beliefs, changing behavior to improve outcomes, eliminating distractions keeping you from your goals, reconnecting with your natural inspiration and drive, and finding clarity and enhancing personal meaning.

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