Tuesday - 6/5/18 - Stripe Test for Little Tigers Karate (4 and 5 year olds)

Stripe Test For Tigers Karate (4 and 5 Year olds)

Stripe Test is held on a Tuesday at the beginning of each month for Tigers. It is in essence a "practice" test for karate belt testing. It is done in a format very similar to belt testing so that the children can feel more confident when belt testing comes. They will find themselves in a familiar situation when belt testing comes allowing them to focus more on their karate. All children that are enrolled in the Tigers Program are welcome to attend ALL Stripe Tests. This differs from belt testing where you must be invited to attend. Tigers learn the same techniques as our regular Shotokan Karate Program minus the Katas (Formal Exercises). Requirements are broken down in a progressive manner so that they are easy for young children to follow and understand. Once a student achieves Red Tiger he or she moves up to the regular Youth Karate Program regardless of age.

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