Meet Our Instructors

Solebury Club Karate's Internationally Certified Instructors.

Sensei Rob DeAngelis 7dan. Solebury Club Chief Instructor latest project is an educational website of throwing techniques in karate. Sensei DeAngelis of Doylestown PA wants to spread his knowledge of karate world wide.  Additionally, all of the belt testing requirements for AJKA-I are on on HD video as well.

Educational Karate website filmed in Doylestown, PA   Visit

Karate makes women STRONG! Check it out. Doylestown, PA

Our girl Kristina performing a shield drill at the AJKA-I Shotokan Karate Instructor Course. Doylestown, PA

Karate in Doylestown - Advanced Sanbon Kumite Drill

Karate students practicing evasion drill at Instructor Course in Doylestown, PA

Karate in Doylestown - Kicking - Timing and Technique at The Solebury Club

Sensei DeAngelis shows Shotokan Karate kicking, timing and technique at AJKA-I Instructor Course on Doylestown, PA.

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