Personal Training

"Personal Training at the Solebury Club is not what you expect, it's beyond; it doesn't seem like work... it's fun!"

– Maritza and Ken Agena/Member Quote

"I want to let you know just how great Chris is. It's so nice to learn new (and fun) ways to get my workout in and to push myself harder. She is so relatable and deceptively tough."

– Liz Beighley

Whether you are wanting to use your fitness outside, to discover a better way to move, or to simply get in shape, working with a personal trainer at the Solebury Club is right for you. Doing what they love in an environment which encourages and thrives on creativity and variety, you will find the trainers at the Solebury Club are, above all else, inspired.

Come learn the fundamentals of weightlifting with the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Discover an easier way to use your body with our Corrective Exercise Specialist or Fedlenkrais Practitioner. Heal an old injury while getting stronger with our Physical Therapist. Whatever your goals may be, it will always be to your benefit to work with a professional; the feedback and guidance you will receive may be exactly what you need!

Ask [at the front desk] or email: We have a qualified and excited trainer ready to help you.

Thank you!