Caruso Pastrone

Qualifications: NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED certified

Personal Training Style: Strong focus on steady progression, molding to each client's needs

Leisure Time Activity:  Boating, golfing, the outdoors, time with friends and family

Quote: "The struggle you are in today, is developing the strength you need for tomorrow"

I have been an avid weightlifter since I was 14 years old. I decided pretty early on that when I gained the proper knowledge, I would want to become a Personal trainer. I was inspired by the trainers in the gym I used to go to, socializing and really helping people, seeing progress with their clients and much more. It seemed like a dream job. I eventually followed my passion. A friend of mine was a personal trainer, and the owner of my old gym taught me a lot of what I know today. I'm certified through the National Council of Strength and Fitness, as well as CPR/AED  certified. Personal training is truly a passion of mine, the benefits of everyday gym visits is a mile long list. I want to help people achieve their fitness goals, through hard work and motivation. I made many mistakes in the gym when I first started.  I want to help people before they make the same mistakes I did.  I follow a simple philosophy, progression. We have all met those people in the gym who do the same thing every time they come in and never change.  Progression in the gym is key, to keep your body improving and constantly changing. I'm here to record your numbers, and make sure we exercise according to your body and your level of experience. Using this method makes 100 different goals in one specific workout. Correct numbers to hit as opposed to using a shotgun method, so that you know you are improving and progressing every time you step foot in the gym. Small steps towards one big goal to make yourself a better person.

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