Kevin Sheaffer


• B.S. in Kinesiology from Penn State

• NASM certified personal trainer

Personal Training Style: 

Leisure Time Activity:  Pick-up basketball games, Weight lifting, Hanging out with family, Watching movies


Bio: I have been into fitness and physical activity pretty much my whole life. From playing sports and just lifting because I enjoyed it its something I've always done. There are so many different variations of fitness and benefits not just physical but also mental as well. So I went to school at Penn State to further my education and then went on to be a personal trainer so I can help others achieve their fitness goals. I am also familiar with dealing with injuries since I have gone through 3 major injuries and surgeries as well. I don't believe there is one golden plan that works for everyone so I try and create workouts that are enjoyable and will work best for each clients needs and wants.

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