Aliveness! A body that breathes and moves is alive. But that aliveness can be full and vibrant and brimming with joy, or it can be dull and limited and sad. If you look outside at nature in this beautiful spring season, you can see that nature does not settle for dull and limited. Nature does not merely survive. All of nature has the impulse, the momentum, toward thriving, toward being vitally alive, expressing to the fullest.

Yoga is the science of living vitally, in every moment. In all the wonderful and playful moments of your life. And also in all the challenging and trying moments of your life. I was having lunch with a group of yoga teachers recently and we were talking about how we got to where we are in our lives. We talked about how it can seem that we each are where we are through mere circumstance and happenstance. Or, we can look more closely into our lives; we can look inward, and we can see that we have been led to where we are. We talked about how yoga cultivates the ability to perceive that there is something greater than the body and mind, that our own divinity has given us the very circumstances that we need for our spiritual evolution. Our job, each of us, is to choose to find that truth within us, to welcome each moment, whether we call it good or bad, with the same equanimity, the same acceptance and openness.

Yoga teaches that our purpose in coming into human life is to come back to remembering and knowing our divinity. Yoga is that path.
Do more yoga.

Namaste, Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director

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