I had a time when my children were in elementary school when I was doing a spiritual practice of saying yes to everything. Yes to all of life. Yes to all my experiences. Yes to all my struggles and my joys, all my triumphs and all my tragedies.
It only lasted about a day.

The day of the school fair at which someone was giving away kittens. When my daughter came running up to me asking for a kitten, I wanted to say no. I tried really hard, in that short decision-making moment, to figure out how I could say yes, but have it really be a no. I was not successful, and she had in her arms a little tiger kitten, whose orangey fur color nearly matched her own hair color. Twenty minutes later her brother came running up to me and said if she got a kitten then he wanted a kitten. Still reeling from having said yes when I wanted no, I stammered that the one kitten was for both of them. He wasn't having it and badgered me to let him have his own kitten. I did. I said yes again. Interestingly, with less resistance, with more yielding. I wasn't caving, I was seeing more clearly that I could 'go with the flow' of the grace of that moment and that nothing terrible would happen.

In yoga, the science of adapting, transforming, reorienting to a new paradigm, saying yes is a step into living with less struggle. It is a practice of opening to the freedom of a simple and sincere "yes" to the experiences of your life. It is a dissolving of the ego-the small sense of lack. It is a rudder used to navigate through life. It directs us in ways that are healing and unifying.

Do more yoga.

Namaste, Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director

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