Everyone seeks to be authentic, to be genuine, to live their truth and their purpose. Yoga is the science of doing exactly that. To allow into our lives our deepest knowing is life's purpose. Yoga gives a context to your deep knowings. A context that supports you, beyond the usual moral and ethical standards of our culture. When your practices bring you to perceiving that nothing is separate from you, then your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and actions reflect that understanding.
How do you get to your own authenticity? All your practices are moving you in that direction. As you do your poses and breathing, as you chant and meditate, you can also include a little Vichara or yogic self inquiry, into how your mind and beliefs are working right now in your life. Vichara is usually done with a series of questions. For the purpose of living authentically, the first question to ask your self is "What is important to me?"
This may seem like a simple question. Please don't answer it right away. Please put into your awareness, contemplate it, and answer it within the living of your life. Simply notice, by what you give your time and attention and money and planning and emotions to-what is important to you.
It may surprise you to see the answers, for there is more than one thing important to you. It may surprise you what IS important to you that you weren't really aware of. And it may surprise you what is NOT important to you that you thought was.
You can't get it wrong. To live in greater alignment with what is important to you is to free up a lot of conflicting energy. It will allow you to marshal your resources towards those things that you value. It will give you clarity and sincerity, and unwavering authenticity.
This is the first of 5 yogic Vichara questions. Watch this blog for the next. Meantime...
Do more yoga.
Namaste, Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director

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