Who doesn't love our blankets? They give us support, and warmth. They help with our alignments. Lay 2 or 3 over your torso in Shavasana and they are deeply relaxing for your nervous system.

And so, as community, we lovingly wash our beloved blankets. This is a great time of year to do so as they cannot go in the dryer but will quickly dry if hung outside. (I just hang them over chairs on my deck.)

We have been diligently working in-house to get up to half of them washed before we asked you, the students, to participate. This way, if everyone who takes a class over a week washes even just 2, they would be done in a week.

Here's how:

Only take as many as you can comfortably carry and as fit in your washing machine. For most this is 2 or 3.

Wash them in cold water using a hypo-allergenic scent free detergent. You can also use ΒΌ cup white vinegar which works really well.

Hang them to dry. They will shrink and shrivel if put in the dryer, even on low.

Bring them back and put one of the 2 inch safety pins in the bags by the door in each studio in a corner, to show they have been washed.

We have stacks of washed and unwashed (yes, it's biblical...) marked in each studio, to make it easier to find the unwashed.

We thank you, your fellow students thank you, and the blankets thank you.

Do more seva.

Namaste, Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director

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