CONTEMPLATION-Making Meditation A Habit

A UCLA study published in JAMA showed that adults who meditated slept better than those who took educational classes for improving sleep. The study found meditation as effective as sleeping pills.

Participants reported feeling more calm under stress(stress is the demands upon you day by day) and able to make better decisions. They also experienced improved memory.

So how can you make meditation a daily practice?

1.Schedule it as an appointment. Make it that important to you that you keep your own appointment with yourself. Put it in your phone. Tell others that you are 'booked' at that time or 'not available.'

2.Do it at the same time each day within your daily routine. Whether it's upon waking or right before bed; maybe as soon as the kids are out the door; or in the evening after work and before dinner. As your mind-and your body- know that the rest and depth of meditation are scheduled at the same time, you will WANT to do it. Your practice-over time- will call you to it, will draw you to your mat/stack/pillow/chair.

3.If it's overwhelming to carve out 20, 10 or even 5 minutes for meditation-and for some it is!-then plant a seed  of less than 30 seconds that can grow into a meditation habit. Take along, conscious inhale, followed by a long, conscious out breath, once in the morning after brushing your teeth and once at night right before you get into bed . You will be telling your mind that slowing down and turning inward and becoming more aware is really doable, and your mind will notice the immediate benefit of feeling calmer and will therefore support you in doing it again and again, until you are ready to expand into a sitting meditation practice. And 'anchoring' it to something you already do-brushing and going to bed-helps it become an easy habit.

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Do more meditation.

Namaste, Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director

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