Most of us start the new year with a long list of resolutions. The list includes physical improvement(lose weight, sleep better), financial improvement( pay off debt,  save more), even personality improvement( be more patient, be less angry). These are all wonderful intentions, set with sincerity. Unfortunately, they are all mostly off our lifestyle radar by February first....

Here is a simpler approach-one word. Improve your life this year with just one word. One word that has a lot of meaning for you. One word that is a quality which, if increased in you, would lead toward the physical, financial, and personality changes you want. One word that will help you be not a BETTER you, simply MORE you, more of who you know in your heart you really are. More of you as divinity expressing into this world, into this lifetime.

You can think of someone you know who inspires you and pick a quality they demonstrate. You can pick a historical, fictional, or religious figure and emulate their greatest quality. Your one word might be something like gentle, generous, peaceful, faith, courage, joy, confidence, balance, surrender, grace, love, and so many more.

In each yoga studio there is a holder with slips of paper and pens, on which you can write your one word and post it on the bulletin board above the shoe holder in the hallway. You can put your name or initials on the front or back, or you can post anonymously. We will keep the words up through January then take them down and save them until December, when we can have a potluck dinner and share our stories of our one word through the year.

Commit to your one word. Commit to living it out during the coming year. I assure you that countless opportunities to do so will present to you. Like striking a tuning fork, as you repeat your word, as you contemplate it, you will be to vibrate more with it, more AS it.

This is a simple way to do more yoga.


Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director

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