January Pose of the Month: Parivrtta Parsva Konasana (Revolved Side Angle Pose)

Classically, twists are considered to be cleansing postures. Twisting and squeezing the body moves fluids, wastes and toxins from the tissues and cells. A rush of new blood surges in when the pose is released, cleaning out your digestive tract and vital organs. In Light on Yoga, Mr. Iyengar tells us that the contraction of the abdominal organs in this pose aids digestion. He also states that "the blood circulates well around the abdominal organs and spinal column and they are thus rejuvenated". That is one reason why people who suffer from back pain often find relief in twists. This asana is also said to help remove waste matter from the colon without strain. As you can see, there is a lot of benefit from doing twists in general and this pose in particular. Keep practicing. I'll see you in class!

 - Karin

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