May's Vinyasa Pose of the Month – Padmasana or Full Lotus

"May I learn to live like the lotus flower, content in muddy water."

Lotus Posture is one of the quintessential yoga poses. You can just picture a yogi sitting with legs crossed, eyes closed and meditating blissfully. Ironically, Lotus is not a pose that is taught very frequently in yoga classes; at least in Western yoga classes. Most Westerners have tight hips and cannot do this pose. Some yoga studios caution against teaching it because people hurt their knees by trying to force themselves into the pose.

With that caution, we will work on Lotus this month. I recommend that you proceed mindfully and pay attention to your knees. There is a modification for every pose. If you feel any strain in your knees, back off, take a modification and let it go until the next time when you can try again. This is the muddy water referred to in the quote; being okay when things don't work out as you planned, or when things don't happen when you want them to. Wait. Patiently. All is coming. I'll see you in class! Karin

Below is a list of some of the poses we will be working on to help us get into Lotus Pose this month:

  • Easy Crossed Legs Pose
  • Warrior II
  • Side Angle Triangle
  • Tree
  • Standing Half-Lotus Forward Bend
  • Frog
  • Gate Pose
  • Pigeon
  • Double Pigeon
  • Cobbler's Pose Seated Wide Leg Forward Bend
  • Revolved Seated Tree
  • Seated Half Lotus Forward Bend

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