Class Descriptions


Vinyasa Level 1‐2 ‐ Poses 'flow' and are linked together with movement and breath. For students developing a practice and those with an established practice who want to spend more time on the basics. Offering vigorous sequences. Poses may be modified. May include an introduction to more advanced poses such as arm balances and inversions. A moderate workout.

Vinyasa Sunrise ‐ Rise early for a physically energizing Vinyasa practice! Poses 'flow' and are linked together with movement, breath, stretching and strength to infuse your day with energy and focus. A moderate workout.

Vinyasa Level 2‐3 ‐ Poses 'flow' and are linked together with movement and breath. For students with an established practice, and those seeking advanced options. Students will be introduced to more challenging poses. Variations offered in all poses, particularly arm balances, inversions, backbends and binds. A challenging workout.

Hot Yoga ‐ A set sequence of 26 poses done in a hot room‐‐at least 105 degrees. Please hydrate and bring a towel‐you will sweat! Poses are held and do not flow into one another. Most challenging non‐ Vinyasa class.

Hot Flow-Physical challenges, 95 degrees and sweat... Sound like fun? We start with an awesome series of poses and repeat them for 8 weeks. Why? because it gives you the ability to focus, to maximize your time instead of figuring out what everyone else is doing... we select poses that are accessible for the beginner but also challenging to the experienced yogi... The Point? When you feel better physically you make better decisions. Requirements? A good attitude and 75 minutes of your time.

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You must be able to move down to and up from the floor with ease to do these classes.

Svaroopa® (swa‐roo‐pa) Yoga ‐ a core release practice, dissolving tensions in the muscles that attach along the length of your spine. Poses are held for periods of several minutes while comfortably supported using blankets, blocks and other props.

Svaroopa Foundations - primary spinal opening poses. Guaranteed to give core release, as well as the essentials to practice at home. 

Svaroopa Continuing - deepen your home practice with a variety of new poses and learn how to stand without tightening your spine. Recommended that you have a daily home Svaroopa practice to do these classes.

Svaroopa Continuing Plus - for students who have a home practice and who want to expand their Svaroopa experience.  Additional poses are done with more variations and adjustments, teaching you how to hold your spinal openings while upright and active in your life.

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Vinyasa Foundations ‐ Poses 'flow' and are linked together with movement and breath. For students new to yoga and/or who need to proceed slowly due to deconditioning, injury or preference. Basic explanations and support provided. A mild workout.

Gentle ‐ Poses 'flow' and are linked together with movement and breath. Poses are broken down into easy, accessible movements. Students are taught to modify poses to stay within safe limitations. A mild workout.

Flow Yoga - Vinyasa based, poses 'flow' and are linked together with movement and breath.  Slower pace and focus on holding poses longer with correct alignment and proper stance.  Open to all levels; beginners welcome.  A mild to moderate workout.

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 Kids yoga is a beginner level class that allows kids ages K through grade 6 to learn sun salutations, balancing poses and inversions. The class offers an introduction to guided meditation, breathing techniques and yoga form. The class is broken up into segments of deep stretching, vinyasa flow, partner poses, yoga games and guided relaxation, designed to help each child find their connection with yoga, and to build confidence and strength while having fun.