Tuesday, August 19, 11:15amĀ to 12:45pm.

Join us for class first, from 9:30 to 11. The theme of the class will be neck and shoulder release. You do not need to have taken 10 Foundations classes to take class, on this day only.

The number one piece of feedback we get from the monthly group meditationsĀ is how easy it is to meditate in the group. And it is! This ancient meditation style has Grace powering it and Grace makes things easier.

The topic of the talk from the yoga teachings will be "Upliftment: Yoga's Guarantee". Upliftment is the key-upliftment inward.

If you are new to meditation- come.

If you are in physical or emotional pain-come.

If you are seeking, if you know there must be something more-come.

The group meditations are always free. Family and friends are always welcome. And we will always seat you comfortably.

Do let the front desk know if you are coming, please.

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