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Well, the snow has melted, and the grass is greening. This means it's time to give you the opportunity to do a little yoga seva by helping to wash the yoga blankets.

The word seva means 'selfless service'. It is something done with no intention nor need for any kind of payback or acknowledgement or reward. You do seva everyday, when you open the door for someone, or pick up props that aren't yours, or let someone in line at the store or in your car. It is innate to give in this way.

Seva is its own reward. Service is your true nature and when you give it freely, it feels good. This is why this is an opportunity-an opportunity for more yoga feel good.

When you do yogic seva there is a little something more to it. Seva then becomes a practice that moves you deeper inward to the knowing of your essence. There is a satisfaction that expands your consciousness, that raises the level of Shakti-sacred energy-throughout the whole community.

This spring we have almost twice as many blankets as we've had in the past as we added a lot in Om studio. They need to be washed and dried in a specific way. They need to be marked that they have been washed. It's a commitment of your time and attention-although not that much.

If you are interested in being on the blanket washing seva team please email me at and I'll email you back the instructions. With enough help all the blankets can have had their spring outing within a couple of weeks.

Do more yoga seva.

Namaste, Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director

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