Join us for the May satsang on Friday May 9th, from 6:30 to 8 pm.Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director, will give a talk from the ancient teachings on 'Happiness' from the yogic perspective. Come hear how everything you do is for the purpose of being happy, and how to assure that happiness.

As always, the event is free and open to all, no meditation experience necessary. We do not do poses. You are seated comfortably and Maureen instructs you into the simple, profound meditation.

The most common feedback from the group meditations is how easy it was to meditate in the group. Then this helps you to meditate with more ease at home. It's a wonderful way to recharge your home practice, or, if you don't meditate, to start a regular practice.

Do let the front desk know if you are coming 215.794.3494.

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