Please note the following schedule changes to accomodate the Svaroopa® Foundations Training program which runs from September 25th through the 29th:

Thursday, September 25th  6:30 Vinyasa class with Karin cancelled

Friday, September 26th 9:30 Vinyasa class with Anna moves to Om studio

Friday also 11:15 Gentle class with Anna moves to Om

Saturday, September 27th 8:30 Vinyasa class with Karin moves to Om

Saturday also- 10:30 Svaroopa® class with Amber moves to OM

Saturday also- Hot yoga class cancelled

Sunday, September 28th 8:30 Vinyasa class with Anna moves to Om

Monday, September 29th-8:45 Vinyasa class with Lisa cancelled

Monday also 10:30 Svaroopa class with Amber cancelled

Thank you.

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