Now you have the opportunity to receive even moreSvaroopa experience and information through our Foundations of Svaroopa Yoga Training, coming this September. This is not only for those interested in teaching yoga, but for those of you who want a greater understanding of your yoga. It is an immersion into the practices and priciples of Svaroopa. It will give you a deep experience, as well as what you need to practice on your own at home. Learn the how's and the why's of these practices that are based in ancient teachings, yet still practical today. Learn how your body-and your mind- work, and how this profound yoga opens you to knowing yourself as Consciousness. It can set you on a path of Self awareness and self acceptance like nothing else.

The dates are September 25th through the 29th. Five full days right here in our own studio! We have two premier national Svaroopa trainers coming in to present the workshop.

The cost is $610 with early registration, $660 if within 30 days before it runs. Save the date and we will let you know when you can register. Registrations will be limited based on our studio size.

This is a consciousness practice-the experience of YOU at the deepest level.
The experience that you are enough and you are always more than you think!
So, choose to take one easy step and see how much more you receive from your
yoga.  Do More Yoga!

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