Svaroopa Embodyment Yoga Therapy is a safe, gentle, effective one-on-one way to deeply release pain and tensions in your body by using a hands on modality. In one Embodyment session you will receive powerful openings that are equivalent to 6-8 Svaroopa yoga classes.

Embodyment Overlap Deep Healing is a series of sessions done in order to provide even faster and powerful healing with minimum or no relapse which will provide you with permanent change. When the multiple sessions are strategically done, your spine will open and stay open, which promotes healing from the inside out!

Our certified Embodyment Yoga Therapists can help strengthen your immune system, improve your moods, open tight muscles, relieve pain and stress while you heal on all levels to find deep peace and wellbeing!

Special Holiday packages and pricing are available to fit your time and budget!

Overlap Deep Healing:

10 Day Deep Healing Package- 10 daily sessions, then 10 sessions every other day then 10 more sessions every 3rd day.  A total of 30 Embodyment sessions over 60 days!

5 Day Deep Healing Package- 5 daily sessions, then 5 sessions every other day then 5 more sessions every 3rd day. A total of 15  Embodyment sessions over 30 days!

3 Day Deep Healing Package- 3 daily sessions, then 3 sessions every other day then 3 more sessions every 3rd day.  A total of 9  Embodyment sessions over 18 days!

Or simply buy a book of sessions and schedule yourself on a regular basis, more spread out than Overlap Healing. If you do Embodyments on a schedule- perhaps once a week or once every 3 or 4 weeks, your bodymind will open deeper and stay open, because it knows the next session is coming to sustain the openings .

Looking for the perfect gift?   Why not give the give of healing, transformation and illumination-to yourself and or to your loved ones. Pricing and gift cards are available at the front desk.

"During my Embodyments I was aware of an increasing sense of well being and calm.  Some internal energy moved within me sending currents that were healing, nourishing and restoring.  I emerged with body, mind and soul in a relaxed and blissful state. It was such a joy"- Janine W

"For over one year I suffer from sciatica pain on both sides and from stenosis in my lower back. The pain is excruciating and is affecting my life in a bad way. Nearly every day when I wake up and get out of bed I feel like I am over 100 years old, I barely can move, walk or get dressed. During the day the pain decreases, but is never gone.  I couldn't believe how the Embodyment sessions transformed and helped to get some flexibility and movement back in my stiff and hurting lower body."  Gabriella S.

"I always look forward to coming  back for my next Embodyment-gentle but very powerful .The pain in my lower back has diminished by about eighty-five percent. I leave with a calm peacefulness that I can see on my face. It helps me to relax and slow down so that I'm not just in reaction mode. I feel better able to be in my life."- Annie E.

"I am 76, with a history of fractured vertebrae in my back. It hurt so badly I needed a cane to walk. I also have had a knee replacement,  and a torn rotator cuff. After only 1 month doing Embodyments, my chiropractor said my spine is noticeably less twisted.  And I forgot to use my cane!" - Doris O.

"After I fell down my steps at home I developed tailbone pain that wouldn't go away.  With the very caring, calming hands-on technique of Embodyment, I have felt a release from my tailbone area progressing up my spine.  My sessions have relieved my muscle tension, and reduced my anxiety and pain. The "me time" and overall relaxation feels good too! I look forward to every session." - Kathie L.

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