New to Hot Yoga? Here are Some Things to Consider:

What to Wear to Hot Yoga Class

  • Wear light, comfortable clothing that won't restrict your movements. The room is heated to 108 degrees. Breathable, moisture wicking fabrics designed for high activity will likely feel better against your body than 100% cotton, for example, which tends to hold in moisture.

What do I need to bring to Hot Yoga Class?

  • You can either bring your own yoga mat or you are welcome to use the mats in the studio. We do not charge for the use of our mats.
  • You will sweat, so most people bring a towel to absorb excess perspiration. A beach towel is about the size of your mat and offers good coverage.
  • There are "mat sized" yoga towels that can be used to help keep your mat dry. Gaiam and Namastay make mat-sized towels for Hot Yoga. This is a personal choice, some yogis love the mats towels and others find they don't offer the same grip you get from direct contact with a mat. Try both to see how it feels.
  • It is recommended that you bring water to class. Proper hydration is an extremely important aspect of your hot yoga practice.
  • The café in the club sells bottled water and many types of beverages - including coconut water - which is extremely refreshing and hydrating after your hot yoga practice.
  • The club has a free water dispenser in the lower (gym) level.

Speaking of water, how much should I drink and when?

  • It's recommended that you hydrate before, during and after class.
  • How much water should you drink? It's recommended that you consume half your body weight in ounces. For example, a 130 pound person would drink 65 ounces of water per day.
  • Why all the water? Science has said that exercising in the heat can be very beneficial for the body. Water is a crucial part of this equation. When you practice, blood leaves your organs to aide your muscles. Without hydration [and over a long period of time] this could be dangerous to the body. The solution is simple: drink water. Drink at least 2 (re-usable!) bottles prior to class and sip during your practice. Drink again after class and into the next day. Your body and your skin will thank you.

What to expect during class

  • Hot Yoga is a series of 26 postures practiced in a 108 degree room. During class, your instructor will guide you through the postures as well as demonstrate the postures.
  • Our students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and take a drink, towel off, or take a break if you need to.
  • Our bright, clean hot yoga studio offers a state of the art heating system which we monitor closely to ensure optimal hot yoga temperature.

After Hot Yoga Class

  • You are welcome to use our state of the art locker room facilities for showers, changing etc. We also have lockers available to store your belongings.
  • Continue to hydrate your body. Your organs, including the skin, will benefit. This is what contributes to the "detoxifying" affect of a hot yoga practice.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

  • Increased Flexibility, Vitality, and Overall Health
  • Weight Loss – the average practitioner will burn between 500 and 700 calories per class
  • Detoxification – due to increase in hydration and heightened sweating
  • Better Balance – each class consists of the same 26 postures, so you can see improvement over time
  • Pain and Disease Relief
  • Soothes Arthritis and Back Pain
  • Regulates Thyroid
  • Increased Clarity, Centeredness, and Peace of Mind
  • Decreases Stress
  • Balances Emotions
  • Eases Anxiety and Depression
  • Regulates Breathing
  • Improves Concentration

"Yoga maintains youth long. It keeps the body full of vitality, immune to diseases, even at old, old age. The Yogi never becomes old." – Bishnu Ghosh

Long Term Benefits of a Hot Yoga Practice:

  • Acclimatization – increased oxygen consumption, increased exercise efficiency, increased muscle efficiency
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved T-cell Function
  • Improved Liver Function
  • Increased Blood Plasma Volume
  • Greater Willpower

Who is Hot Yoga for?
Hot Yoga is designed for EVERYONE. No matter your age, size, shape, fitness level, or knowledge of yoga, there is a place for you in Hot Yoga. Hot Yoga is a great doorway into yoga for beginners since we practice the same series of 26 poses each class. Over time, and as you get more familiar with the poses, you'll be able to clearly see your improvement.

To receive the most benefits of Hot Yoga, a regular practice of 2-3 classes per week is suggested. Beginners should start slow, and try out 1-2 classes a week and modify poses when necessary according to the teacher's instruction. But, even if you start slow, you'll begin to see benefits right away, such as weight loss, pain relief, and less stress. Keep in mind that it usually takes at least 5 classes for the body to begin to understand the poses, so stick with it in order to see improvement!

If you'd like an introductory private session with one of our Hot Yoga teachers to familiarize yourself with the practice before taking a group class, contact The Solebury Club.

Who practices Hot Yoga?

People all over the globe are hopping on the Hot Yoga bandwagon, including countless athletes and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kobe Bryant, Lady Gaga, George Clooney, David Beckham, Jim Carrey, Madonna, Beyoncé, and many more!
Come join in on the fun, and see what has everybody hooked.

"As a preventive medicine, it's unequaled. I could have never lasted as long as I did in the NBA without it." – Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Professional Basketball Player.

Hot Yoga for Athletes

  • The benefit of hot yoga for athletes on the most fundamental level is increased ability, agility strength and range of motion, contributing to increased performance. In sports where a lot of running is involved in conditioning or the game/event itself, athletes tend to shorten hamstrings, reduce range of motion, and often bring on lower back pain. This in turn causes shoulder tension to strike as well. Most athletes, even if they don't suffer from an injury, do have pain from time to time. Yoga practice is your first step in prevention or rehabilitation. For weight lifters, this same muscle lengthening can bring on increased strength as well.

  • Performing the asanas in a heated room is more likely to mimic what most athletes would consider a worthwhile workout, rather than a REALLY long stretch session. It is also challenging enough to cope with the heat, causing extreme sweat production. Distracting? Sure. Difficult? Of course! So, the extra push to stick it out in the poses equates to the challenge that will aid in training a sport-minded person to filter out other distractions and encourage them to focus on the task at hand. Using determination and concentration are necessary here!

  • Finally, the "work under pressure" mentality that is typical of competitive sports requires release and self-awareness to help maintain a strong mind body connection. The relaxation and concentration will undoubtedly aid in body awareness and stress relief, providing strategies to function properly in the competitive setting.

  • Despite the fact that athletes get great workouts on a regular basis, hot yoga, a great workout itself, will help athletes of all levels improve performance, shorten rehabilitation, and assist in their mental toughness during the game.