Private Yoga Sessions and Yoga Therapy:

Optimal for rapid progress and deeper levels of opening your body and mind. Private Yoga sessions and Yoga Therapy are most effective when done in a series. The length of each session, and the number of sessions, will be determined by you and your yoga therapist/instructor together. Sessions may be 60 or 90 minutes long.

Ask your yoga therapist/instructor about multiple session discounts.



Traditionally, the practice of yoga was taught one-on-one, allowing access to your unique, deep inner resources.

Private yoga sessions can take you further into your strength, flexibility, stress release, and body/mind/spirit union in a private, safe atmosphere. Your yoga therapist will give you focused attention for your specific needs:

  • you are new to yoga                                                    
  • you want to deepen your in-class practice
  • you want to develop a personalized home practice   
  • you want a meditation practice
  • you can't make it to regularly scheduled classes      
  • you simply prefer one-on-one to a class setting                             

In your initial consultation your yoga therapist/instructor will consut with you to detemine where weaknesses and stress may accumulate. Then a precise and customized program will be created for your needs. Your progress will be monitored ongoing for corrections and adjustments.

Talk with your instructor to schedule Private Yoga Sessions.

Private Yoga Session Pricing: $85 per hour ($100 per hour with Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director)

Semi-Private Yoga Session Pricing: (2 people): $120 per hour.

YOGA THERAPY-also done privately

Because yoga addresses you individually physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, it provides healing at many different levels simultaneously. Therefore, Yoga as Therapy is one of the oldest approaches to health and well being.

And although Yoga can improve your overall health in a class setting, specific conditions may benefit from the depth of Yoga Therapy.
Yoga Therapy uses highly specific therapeutic techniques to deepen change and growth more quickly.

Yoga therapy sessions are for those needing:

•  Even more focused attention physically or emotionally
•  Assistance in recovery from illness or injury
•  Facilitation of pain healing.
•  Yoga as advised by a physician
•  Management of particular health challenges or conditions
•  Reduction of chronic stress levels
•  Release of old injuries from which you have never fully recovered
•  Alignment of postural imbalances
•  Improvement more quickly

You do not need any yoga experience to do yoga therapy.
Private yoga Therapy pricing: $85 per hour ($90 with Maureen Shortt, Yoga Director)

Our studio is located close to Doylestown, PA.