Svaroopa® Yoga

With attention to alignment, support, and compassionate adjustments, Svaroopa® Yoga allows your body to release into poses, rather than straining into them. You will do mostly slow, supported seated and floor poses, holding them while your muscles soften into the angles and the support. More important than the outer form of each pose is the inner core opening.

Blankets and blocks are used for support in the poses, which makes the yoga accessible to students of all levels: beginners, seniors, those with special needs, as well as experienced yogis. Each class or private session is sequenced to release the tension in your spine starting at your tailbone then moving up your spine and through your upper back, shoulders, and neck.This release then moves out to the rest of your body. The results bring healing, energy, rejuvenation and awareness to your body and your mind.

With Svaroopa® Yoga, relieving pain is possible due to the spinal decompressionthat creates the core openings. Recovery of joint movement, freedom from headaches, fewer colds and flus, better breathing, and improved digestion and elimination follow-because the core opening lifts the pressure off your internal organs and glands, so everything functions better. Stress relief and deep relaxation follow.

Equally as important are the mental and emotional benefits that make Svaroopa® Yoga such a powerful practice. You will become more quiet, still, and able to sit in the present moment. This yoga can help you banish fatigue, enjoy more energy, and build a resiliency that supports you when facing life's challenges. While you become progressively more calm, peaceful and (dare we say?) happy, you know it is coming from a deep inner knowing- 'Svaroopa' is a Sanskrit word (the ancient language of yoga) that means you know yourself at the deepest level of your being. You can then trust yourself as you move out into life in a whole new way.