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Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner…looking for a challenging workout or deep relaxation…we have yoga for everybody.

Variety of Options and Styles

Class Sizes from 4 – 18 People
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Have you ever seen yoga on tv or taken a normal class? …that is Vinyasa (body movement to your breath). downdog to warrier 2 to triangle to half moon… depending on the instructor, this yoga can be gentle or advanced, slow moving or quick, poetic or engineered, holding poses or flowing and everything in-between. 

Activity: medium
Relaxation: medium
Prerequisite: basic understanding of yoga


Power Hot Yoga

Like the heat? Like to sweat and work hard? Looking for a challenge? This yoga keeps moving while focusing on muscular engagement. Poses are accessible to all, but physically challenging. Its Fun.

Activity: high
Relaxation: low
Prerequisite: want a physical challenge


Yoga For Your Back

Gentle and restorative. Poses are held for several minutes while comfortably supported using blankets, blocks, and other props. Designed to relieve back tension and bring your body back to its natural alignment. This class is open for all, regardless of experience or fitness level. Every pose provides deep inner openings using precise alignments.

Activity: low
Relaxation: high
Prerequisite: ability to get up and down from the floor yourself


Bikram Hot Yoga

Sauna and steam rooms sound inviting, like consistency and structure. Want to challenge your mind over matter? This yoga is a static style… you come into a pose, hold it, and then come out. 26 poses in the same order, every class, 110 degrees… how quickly you will notice your body change.

Activity: high
Relaxation: low
Prerequisite: like it really hot


Gentle Vinyasa

Moderate pace creates an accessible environment for students with less yoga experience. Gentle yoga is a midway between restorative and regular vinyasa. You sweat in a few poses and not at all in others; staying in a pose long enough to enjoy, but that you are not pushing yourself to hard.

Activity: medium low
Relaxation: medium
Prerequisite: interested in learning yoga



Have you ever had back pain? Want proven time tested results? This yoga is truly restorative. All poses are supported (AKA blanket yoga) If you looked into one of these classes, you would see people lying on the floor “doing nothing.” These yoga systems are designed for 2 things… to release tension around your spine and bring you body awareness…. That’s it… 

Activity: low
Relaxation: high 
Prerequisite: ability to get up and down from the floor yourself



Intense, detailed, precise movements. These flows and transitions are what most yoga sequencing are designed around. Have you ever heard of a sun salutation?  Good. That’s Ashtanga. A linear path of teaching that progresses at your own development; sequentially building on poses.

Activity: high
Relaxation: low 
Prerequisite: like a physical challenge


Your Yogis

Margaret Henly

RYT 500

I graduated from Boston University with a major in physical therapy, and have worked as a physical therapist for 36 years, earning a masters degree and doctorate along the way. I have a third degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, and I came to yoga 15 years ago, when my martial arts arts instructor recommended it. I completed my first 200 hour teacher training through Abhyasa Yoga with Karen Eisen at Solebury Club, and an additional 300 hour training through Yogadharma, also at Solebury Club. I am also a certified Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra instructor. I am proudest, though, of my role as mother of two adult children, Sarah and Lars.

Natalya Chuzhinina

Natalya was born in 1972, and immigrated to the States in 2002, from Kazakhstan. Happily married, Natalya and her husband raised three wonderful kids! She began practicing yoga back in 2005, and in 2017, she decided to take her yoga journey further.

Natalya graduated with a Certificate of Completion from Key Yoga in 2018. Studying and practicing yoga has helped her find her purpose in life helping her find her soul’s signature. She believe’s that taking care of other people is her Dharma.

Rob Tegge

RYT 500

I was initially drawn to Yoga after sustaining injuries brought on while training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I began studies of Ashtanga Yoga in attempt to heal; learning how to piece the sequence together while coordinating breath & movement. After discovering its deep healing potential I realized I needed to spread the knowledge of this beautiful system, and so I have since completed my 200 & 300 hour Anatomy of Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 & 2018 respectively.

Yoga is a tool that can shift your mind out of cyclic thought patterns and project one onto a path which facilitates healing and spiritual growth. There are many modalities of Yoga available and they all come with their unique offering. Ashtanga resonates with me at a very personal level; I believe it is a practice you can have for life, inside or out of the studio. Its rewards can be experienced by every body and can touch every soul. My philosophy, show up at the top of your mat, express the power of your breath and practice from your heart!

Fen He

RYT 200

Fen has been serious practicing yoga since 2014. After training with Karin Eisen and became a Yoga teacher, she keeps exploring different styles of Yoga, such as ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini and etc. Fen loves Yoga, not only applies it as a physical workout, but also a practice of conscious awareness and control, a practice of caring and love. Fen also enjoys running and is a half-marathon runner.

Maureen Shortt

Yoga Director & Nutritionist

With over 20 years in the field of wellness, Maureen brings a wealth of education and experience to the art of healing. She holds a degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Nutrition Counseling. She is a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress.

In addition to being a certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher, she is a certified Meditation Teacher, and certified in Vichara-yogic self inquiry. Maureen combines her training and experience in yoga with her studies in Ayurveda, the time-honored yogic sister science of health and longevity.

JoAnne Amoroso


JoAnne began practicing yoga in 2007.  As an open water scuba diver and PADI Divemaster, she found the beauty & fluidity of breath linked with movement in yoga.  Her philosophy is that yoga empowers body and mind both on and off the mat.

Caroline Orford


Caroline received her RYT 200 after graduation from the YOGADHARMA 300 hr program in 2014.  Given a free pass by a dear friend, she attended a yoga class at the Solebury Club back in 2012 on a whim and has been hooked every since! She has experienced many physical and mental benefits from a consistent practice and aims to share this with her students through alignment-based vinyasa classes.

Debra Schad


Debra’s information will be updated shortly.

Jessica Presti


Jessica completed her yoga certification with Karin Eisen in 2011.  Her background as a dancer influences her focus on the strength and flexibility, as well as the grace and pose, of Vinsasa yoga.

Karin Eisen


Karin is a teacher’s teacher; holding a degree in Education and multiple yoga teaching certifications. She has been a dedicated Iyengar student since the 1980’s, a form of yoga that focuses on alignment and the therapeutic benefits of yoga practices. Her classes are well choreographed, precise, challenging and inspiring. She has been teaching yoga since January 2000.

Lisa Manheim

MFA, E-RYT- 200

Lisa has over 500 hours of training and over 15 years of teaching experience. Her interest in yoga accelerated into a passion after her second child was born. It became an oasis from juggling children, graduate school , teaching, pursuing a painting career, as well as maintaining meaningful relationships with family, friends and the community.

Like all journeys, there have been surprises, changes in direction and transformation along the way. Lisa has been trained in Ashtanga, Anusara and Farhi yoga, meditation, yoga therapeutics, breathwork & chair/senior yoga and yoga anatomy. She has certifications in Yoga Anatomy, Biomechanics of Movement, and Anatomy Awareness in (Iyengar) Asana.

Amber Quinn


Amber has explored the art of movement since she was a young child. She holds a BFA in dance.  Amber completed a 200 hour Kundalini Yoga Intensive and Certification in NYC.  Her exploration of yogic philosophies continued to thrive through workshops with acclaimed teachers in NYC and Bucks County.

Molly Rosenquist


Molly completed her yoga training at The Solebury Club with Karin Eisen.  Her experience with Hot Yoga began 6 years ago in New York.  She is specifically interested in teaching yoga to athletes to enhance their performance.

Nancy Dales


Nancy Dales (RYT-200) has studied Vinyasa, Kripalu, Hot Yoga and Yoga Anatomy.  She has been a yoga practitioner for 20 years.  Nancy completed her 300-hour yoga teacher training program through YOGADHARMA.  Nancy has also completed a 100-hour Yoga Anatomy & Therapeutics program.  Nancy believes in the body’s ability to heal itself; and that yoga is an integral part of gaining & maintaining wellness.

A Few of Our Members

“I have worked out in health clubs all over the world. This is by far my favorite out of all of them!!”


“After 3 months I am enjoying the club. I am glad I made the move from Highpoint. I find all of the employees pleasant and accommodating, the facilities are great, and even ownership seems to enjoy their work!”


“I have been a member since 2007. From day one, I was greeted by my first name. The staff at The Solebury Club makes the extra effort to know their members and meet their needs.”


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