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November is American Diabetes Month. Nearly 30 million Americans have type ll diabetes, also known as adult onset diabetes. As serious as this statistic, is that nearly 90 million Americans are pre-diabetic, meaning they have the markers for the probability of developing it.

The good news is that even if you have adult onset diabetes in your family history, meaning you have a genetic propensity toward it, you will only actually GET the disease IF you live the lifestyle that allows it to develop. The even better news is that adult onset diabetes can be prevented, can be controlled, and can even be reversed, with simple lifestyle habits of diet and exercise.

One of the quickest and easiest dietary ways into beginning to balance your blood sugar is to make sure that you eat a protein and a carb, EVERY TIME YOU EAT. This means breakfast can be oatmeal with almonds; lunch can be a turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich; dinner can be chicken, broccoli and a baked potato. If you eat between meals you could have hummus and grapes mid morning or an orange with 2 cheeses sticks. Mid-afternoon might be a PB&J sandwich or a bowl of soup.

Below is a list of common-and yummy-protein and carb combos for you to use. Post it on your refrigerator, or print the list and take it with you so that you have easy access to a reminder how you can use your food for your blood sugar balancing.

Keep a diet dairy for yourself for a week and see how you did. You need at least 10 grams of protein at each feeding to get the blood sugar balancing effect. In keeping your dairy you can calculate your protein and adjust your serving sizes as necessary.

One last thing-notice the list has the word "FEEDINGS". If you begin to think of the times you eat as feedings, you will eat better. When you think "meals" you think of balanced eating. When you think "snacks"-well, I don't have to tell you where your mind goes....


  • Plain yogurt with fresh fruit
  • Cereal with fresh fruit & milk
  • Trail mix with dried fruit
  • Omelet with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers
  • Cottage cheese with fresh pineapple
  • Mini carrots with peanut butter
  • Cherry or grape tomatoes with hummus
  • Celery with salsa con quesa
  • PB&J sandwich
  • Single-serve unsweetened applesauce with ricotta cheese mixed in (add a sprinkle of cinnamon)
  • Spinach salad with orange wedges and red onion and grilled chicken
  • Romaine lettuce salad with apples, walnuts, crumbled blue cheese
  • Baby greens with fresh strawberries, toasted sunflower seeds and asiago cheese
  • Sliced cukes, tomatoes, peppers, black olives and shrimp
  • Stir fry's with chicken or tofu
  • Minestrone soup with beans
  • Pizza with cheese
  • Frozen chopped spinach with eggs
  • Fish topped with corn salsa or mango chutney
  • Fresh fruit skewers with yogurt dip
  • Fruit only jelly added to plain yogurt
  • Baked apple or poached pear with cheddar slices
  • Grilled pineapple with grilled salmon
  • Dried fruit cooked with pork roast (apples, prunes, cranberries are good)
  • Grilled veggies with fish, poultry, meat
  • Jelly belly- goat cheese and fruit-only jelly on a piece of toast

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