Blog: An Old Photo May Help You Lose Weight

When I think about pictures as inspiration, I think of the dieter putting an old bikini shot on the refrigerator to avoid over eating. Or the self-help suggestion to modulate your inner critic by finding a picture of yourself at age 3 and training your inner voice to talk to that version of you – the presumption being you would be much kinder. Or the other self-help suggestion of asking that 3 year-old in the photo – your inner child – what she really needs.

I know it's easy to get nostalgic when we see old pictures. We remember the good time we were having in that moment – and not the traffic jam on the way to the event, or the fears and anxiety we were experiencing just before and after that captured moment in time. Life wasn't perfect then.

But there may be value, and motivation in using old pictures to change our mindset about food, our bodies, our relationships, our work – or just about anything that's today's top-of-mind issue. If you want to get back to a slimmer, healthier you, break a habit, or make a significant change in your life – don't just put the picture of your old self on the fridge.

3-Steps to using an old photo to transform yourself NOW!

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