Celebrate National Yoga Month - September

September is National Yoga Month, designated by the Department of Health and Human Services, to educate about the benefits of yoga, and to inspire more than the current 20 million Americans to do it.

TOP 10 REASONS TO DO YOGA: (and, by the way, each of these has been scientifically proven)

1. Yoga reduces the physical and mental effects of stress.
2. Yoga can help to relieve pain.
3. Yoga teaches better breathing which can activate your relaxation response.
4. Yoga improves not only flexibility but also mobility.
5. Yoga increases strength while simultaneously releasing muscular tension.
6. Yoga helps weight loss by reducing your cortisol, a stress hormone that makes you hold weight.
7. Yoga improves circulation.
8. Yoga improves cardiovascular health by lowering your resting heart rate.
9. Yoga improves concentration, focus and memory.
10.Yoga helps you reach an inner state of peace.

For the month of September we are running some great yoga specials!

  • Purchase a 10pk of Yoga classes, get 1 class Free
  • Purchase a 20pk of Yoga classes, get 2 classes Free
  • Bronze and Silver members can take any Yoga class for Free
  • Ginger Elixer shots after all yoga classes September 14-20th
  • Non-members can take the Tuesday & Thursday Yoga classes at 6:00am or 5:30pm for Free

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