Healthy Perspective by Colin Kirts

You too can balance a basket on your head

"Do a shoulder roll!... Lengthen your spine... Squeeze, squeeze your glutes when you walk... Don't put your chin up... Don't sit up straight!"

These are the five suggestions made to us westerners in a piece from NPR's Morning Edition last June, lost posture?

Do you like the last one? I don't think it is meant to condone slouching, for the record. In short, the article relates the experiences of Esther Gokhale, a body worker based in California. In the last twenty years, Gokhale has developed an understanding of how we—westerners—use our bodies in fundamentally different ways than certain indigenous people. Her basic point? Our assumption that the physical body will inevitably be a pain-filled mess is, well, probably incorrect. Courtesy of certain conveniences, we may have literally forgotten how to move properly, and, in effect, CREATED a certain experience of pain.

From what I see with clients, at least one of these suggestions is relevant for each person's evolution back to a pleasure-filled (pain-free) experience with their bodies. The tendencies to drop the shoulder's forward, to look down... to lock out the knees... to arch the lower back while walking (to clarify, I think "squeeze your glutes" is better read as tuck your hip)... and so on and so forth do contribute to, at the very least, PAIN and pathology. Why do we have–and we do ALL have them– these tendencies? Gokhale things she knows why. Listen to or read the piece and...


Also, tor your entertainment, a sneak peak at what's possible: try this at home!

For now, 'tis all. Thank you!

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