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Did you know The Solebury Club is internationally recognized for Karate?

The Solebury Club prides itself in teaching traditional Shotokan Karate with a direct lineage to the founder in Japan.  Sensei Rob DeAngelis trains directly under Sensei  L. B. Safar one of the first 3 non-Japanese people to graduate from the JKA Instructor Course under M. Nakayama.

The Solebury Club is internationally recognized as an instructor training center as well as for producing national champions.

Sensei DeAngelis also competed internationally.  He earned a Silver Medal in The Spain World Cup in 2007 for Kumite (Sparring) and a Silver for Team Kumite at the CA World Cup in 1997.

The Solebury Club is the East Coast Training Headquarters for the AJKA-I (our parent Shotokan Karate Organization) which has branches throughout North America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

Sensei Rob DeAngelis 7th Dan holds positions on the AJKA-I International Technical Committee, North American Technical Committee and he heads the AJKA of PA.

Sensei DeAngelis has dedicated a significant amount of his life/career (over 32 years) to spreading the teachings of Shotokan Karate .   Since January of 2014, 6 additional Karate Clubs have sought out Sensei DeAngelis for his knowledge and instruction and joined the AJKA of PA Organization.

The AJKA-I Instructor Course is a 200 hour program that consists of 26 modules that include:  Power point presentations, physical training, 44 research reports and a final project.

The Solebury Club has more high ranking instructors than any other AJKA-I club in the United States.    The Solebury Club has one Class A and two Class B instructors.  Sensei DeAngelis 7th Dan – Class A, Sensei Rumick 4th Dan – Class B, Sensei Tomasulo 5th Dan – Class B.

Shotokan Karate at The Solebury Club has a significant distinction from other chain karate schools based on the traditional style and the enormity of experience, knowledge and depth of instruction.

The most recent project Sensei DeAngelis embarked on is an online video course called .  Karate students from all around the world can subscribe to these instructional videos to learn the most devastating sweeping and throwing techniques in karate.

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