Healthy Perspective by Jen Pavlica

The Importance of  Protein Post Workout

While working out with weights can help build muscle, your results will be far from optimal if you do not follow proper nutritional procedures. Your post workout meal, primarily protein, is one of the most important aspects of fitness nutrition. Here's why.  Resistance training causes microscopic trauma in your muscles, so consuming protein after your workouts can help your body repair your muscles and adapt to training by increasing strength. In addition to aiding in muscular recovery, protein may help you lose weight when consumed in conjunction with resistance exercises, compared to performing resistance exercises alone. Ideally you want to have your protein within 30-60 minutes after your workout, aiming for approximately 10-20 grams.  Your protein can be in the form of a protein shake, chicken, tuna, eggs or greek yogurt (plain is recommended to cut down on sugar). I have had a lot of people say that they do not want to eat immediately following their workout because they do not want to take in the calories that they just burned, but the protein calories post workout are what you need to make your workout worth it.  You'll see the results!

So after your workout, don't forget to feed your body the protein it needs!

Jen Pavlica, AFFA Certified Personal Trainer and CrossFit 1 Coach Certified

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