Healthy Perspective by Rob DeAngelis

Why Yoga?
Rob DeAngelis, co-owner of The Solebury Club, is no stranger to living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining peak physical condition.  Not only has he been an accomplished personal trainer for over 15 years, he holds a 7th degree black belt in Shotokan karate, and is one of the highest ranking senseis in the AJKA-I organization, which is recognized world-wide.  Recently Rob has added yoga to his routine, and the effects of practicing yoga have been profound both physically and mentally.   He has some pretty strong feelings when asked "Why yoga"?

"What made you try yoga?"
I recently invited some well-respected karate instructors from New York to a seminar I was hosting at the club, and they started talking about hot yoga (bikram yoga) and how much they enjoyed it   I started hearing more and more karate experts talking about the benefits of hot yoga.  Even one of my all time favorite MMA champions Lyoto Machida, who comes from the same style of karate that I practice, does hot yoga.  I saw this as a sign, so I wanted to see what hot yoga was all about and find out if it was for me.  I reached out to some friends and did a couple's private lesson in hot yoga for them along with my wife Ann Marie.

"What did you think of your private lesson? "
It was much harder than I thought it was going to be, but in a way that was based on my perception of what yoga was.  And of course there are different styles of yoga.  Every time I walk by the yoga studios I hear them chanting and see them sitting, so I thought that it was going to be more mellow.  I didn't realize how much alance and muscle endurance was going to be needed, and after the private class I felt great.  Sore, but great in a way I have never felt before.

"How long have you been doing yoga now? "
I try to do 1-2 classes per week, and I have been practicing for almost a year.

"Would you try any other style of yoga besides the hot?"
Yes, I have actually tried the level 2 and 3 Vinyasa classes.  I have really enjoyed all of the different classes and teacher styles.  All of the instructors here at the club are extremely qualified and bring their own personality to the class, which makes for a different experience each time.

"What is your opinion on cross training with yoga? "
Yoga is just what my body has been asking for.  I have been studying karate for 32 years as well as resistance training for over 15.  And there has been some Judo thrown in there, no pun intended.  After developing a yoga practice I feel more balanced than ever before.  I really look forward to the hot-flow classes, especially after any tough workout, whether it is karate, judo or resistance training.

"Any final thoughts?"
My everyday life and training have always been filled with precision ... hard work and strict attention to detail are very important to me.  Adding yoga to my routine has brought back some softness and fluidity to my life, and this creates a much more balanced existence.  It is a good place to be.  I am grateful to all of the wonderful yoga instructors and yogis here at our club.  As club owner (and now yoga practitioner) it is truly an honor to have such a high caliber of staff and quality of members, as well as the positive environment that they provide.

Rob DeAngelis, Owner

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