Respiratory Bodywork Treatments

As we move through Autumn and into cold & flu season, Beverley will offer specific treatments to strengthen your body and respiratory system.

Our respiratory systems rid the body of toxins while providing us with essential oxygen. This system affects and is affected by the lungs, brain, musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Environmental pollutants, allergies and smoking, as well as emotions such as grief and sadness cause a diminished capacity to breathe. Weakened lungs can also affect the bone structure of our thoracic spine, ribs, and upper back & chest.

Shiatsu Shin Tai is an effective and holistic treatment for all kinds of imbalances.  It works as both a preventative measure and for healing pre-existing conditions.  As the respiratory, immune and nervous systems strengthen, we become less susceptible to future disease, current symptoms are milder and recovery is faster.

Price: $145 for a 90-minute session
Please schedule directly with Beverley Pattenden certified Oriental Bodywork Therapist
(please use bodywork TSC in the subject line)

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